An Afternoon of Victorian Parlour Games

January 21, Sunday   1:00 to 4:00

An Afternoon of Victorian Parlour Games

Twopenny_WhistHave you ever read novels where the characters played whist, bezique or spillicans and wondered what these games were like to play?  Board games have been around for centuries. 150 years ago the Roscoe family and their friends spent many a happy hour around the games table in the drawing room at Ross Bay Villa.  Join us on a winter afternoon and try your hand.  1:00– 4:00pm $15 including tea and Victorian cake.  You can reserve your ticket at or by telephone 250 598-1803.

The gift shop is open on Saturday from 11:00 to 2:00 and we invite you to join us for a guided tour every Saturday at 2:00. 

100% of all funds raised go to the restoration, preservation and maintenance of Ross Bay Villa.

Welcome to Ross Bay Villa!

Ross Bay Villa FINAL FINAL Fundraising Brochure PHOTOSHOPPEDRoss Bay Villa was the home of Francis James Roscoe and his wife Anna Letitia from 1865 to 1879. While living there, they had five children: Mary, Katherine, Francis, Millicent and Thomas.

Roscoe a prominent merchant in Victoria, was a Member of Parliament for Victoria from 1874 to 1878.  Prior to becoming an MP, he was a staunch supporter of British Columbia joining Confederation in 1871.

After his election, he fought for British Columbia and worked at making sure that the terms of Confederation were maintained – specifically the promised joining of British Columbia with the rest of the country by a continental railway – the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Ross Bay Villa Historic House Museum has been preserved and restored to the way it would have looked when the Roscoe family were in residence. The Entry Hall; Drawing Room; and Dining Room have all been restored to the 1865-1879 appearance.  A children’s room is currently under restoration.

One of the three bedrooms is currently an office for  the Old Cemeteries Society, which leads Sunday tours of the historic Ross Bay Cemetery, directly across the street from Ross Bay Villa. Their rental income helps to preserve the house and garden.

Ross Bay Villa – and the volunteer Ross Bay Villa Society that has been working to preserve and restore this rare 1865 house since 1999 – welcomes visitors.  Join us for a guided tour every Saturday at 2:00.