Polyphemus Visits the Villa

This week at the Villa, we received some unexpected visitors! Two Polyphemus moths have decided to make one of our crocosmia flowers the host plant for their eggs. They are quite rare to see during the day due to their nocturnal schedule, and are fantastic pollinators for our native plants. The name ‘Polyphemus’ may be familiar to fans of Greek mythology as the Cyclops that Odysseus famously outsmarted. 

These moths have a very unique biological makeup, as they do not have mouths and only have a lifespan of 7-15 days. They’re very large, and beautiful, and we’re lucky to see them on the property due to the lengthy time spent in their cocoons. The caterpillars hatch and eat as much as they can to grow to full size into the fall, and when winter comes, they stay in their cocoons until the next spring.

Perhaps you will meet one of the moths when you visit beautiful the Ross Bay Villa garden.