Traces of Old Victoria – 2 Events

An Exhibition (free)

Ross Bay Villa Historic House Museum is proud to present it’s premiere art exhibition.  The exhibit will feature contemporary urban landscape paintings in oil by Victoria painter Mone Vogel.

For the past few years Mone Vogel has been documenting the urban landscape in Victoria with her paintings.  The city is changing quickly and to Mone, it feels as though very little is safe from the bulldozers. On any given day one can drive by a favourite corner store or vintage sign and the next day it’s gone..

Mone Vogel feels that by recording the places that for her that hold special meaning through her paintings, she can capture their essence and give those places a life beyond their physical presence. This exhibit, which is free to visit, can be viewed at Ross Bay Villa Historic House Museum on May 11th and May 18th between 11am and 4pm. Come and see if you recognize any of these cherished places. No reservations required.

The Artist’s Lecture ($10)

In conjunction with the exhibition, painter Mone Vogel will host an artist’s lecture, jointly presented with historian Nick Russell, on May 9th at 7:30 pm at Ross Bay Villa. Mone Vogel will speak about why she chose some of the locations for her paintings and Nick Russell will explore the history behind these places and objects. Cost for the lecture is $10. Reservations are required and are only available online at .